It has been almost a full year now since the last post, not even a full comic. And at this point, some may wonder what happened to the comic. The comic is going through a bit of a change. Yes, it will still focus on the issues of men. Yes, it will still attack feminism. Yes, it will still focus on the law firm itself. However, I felt it was necessary to also create a little bit of backstory and world building for the setting. This means making new characters, making stories that don’t directly tie in with the main story, and above all else, it means a lot of thought.

But that’s not all. I need time, and that means I need freedom from my job. I can’t afford to spend any time not working, which has put me in a spot where I can’t make comics. I have at least two to three new comics written out, but that means getting time to render them. And at the moment, my jobs (yes, I have more than one) have been taking up all my time.

There’s also the direction I kind of want to take with the comic. I may end up turning the comic into a narrative one that also includes adult elements. And if that’s the case, it may end up being sold, rather than then being online. That means I need to work on my quality, and possibly even get a new render engine (Octane anyone?) I also kinda wanna look at VR, as I think there’s a lot of cool things I can do with that.