Succubus. To those that know the name, it means lust, desire, passion and above all else, sex. Every two hundred years, a succubus comes to the mortal reals to feed on the desire and passion of the races. Elves, humans, even the fae. She feeds not only on the act of sex itself, but the desire of those who lust for her, particularly the men. Their lust for her feeds her. But this time around, the succubus was not prepared. She found women willing and open to her charms, but many men were not. They looked at an attractive woman such as herself and she felt something else from them: fear, disgust, and pity. The lust and desire had been contained, and soon she found out why.

A movement called feminism had scared men into a state where they were afraid to even feel desire towards women, in case the women used it to bludgeon him, and as such, ceased even thinking of women in this way. The relations between the genders were breaking down, and the more they did, the more that feminism attacked men. The more it shamed them, took from them, demanded from them and then finally, it destroyed them. The succubus saw that the balance of the sexes was completely destroyed. And she was not pleased.

This whole situation compromised her food source. While she could survive on nothing but the desire of women, it was not as fulfilling as the lust of men. And she knew she couldn’t let this happen. Using her charms, and skills of manipulation, negotiation, and understanding of mortal legal systems, she set up a law firm. She found some of the most talented and attractive women she could find for key positions in the law firm, women who also shared her desire to help men feel desire again. This law firm began to fight for men, helping them when the system failed them. A bastion of women using the law to help those who have lost hope. Helping them regain hope for a better tomorrow, hope that there were still women out there that cared for them, and wanted them as more than just a walking wallet. And above all else, she wishes to help men realize that their desires CAN be a reality.

The Devil’s Contract takes place in a world very much like ours but a few key differences. Typically fantasy races such as elves, dwarves, fairy, dragons and such all exist and have been in the world since it’s beginning. As such, things like worrying about skin colour mean very little. Also, magic, while not common, does exist. Not only is magic not common, the usage of it is not cheap, and as such even those with skill in it avoid heavy use of it unless they are very rich. There are also plenty of laws against many forms of magic, so usually only cantrip level spells are ever used, the kind of things your average stage magician can pull off. The bigger stuff can draw unwanted attention.

Energy summoning spells exist, but are very costly.  Charm spells are highly illegal, and can be easily detected by law enforcement agencies.  Divination spells exist but can be blocked, especially by law enforcement or government.  Using them on government agencies or law enforcement will land you in jail.  Protection spells are common.  Transmutation spells are highly controlled, with some of them being outright illegal.  Conjuration is very tightly controlled, and all uses of it must be registered before use.  Illusion is does not have any problems, but is mildly expensive to use.  Necromancy magic is unheard of, except in terms of healing magic.  No raising from the dead, no undead.

Some things still remain mysteries however. There is no proof of divine beings, an after-life or ghosts. There are other planes of existence, but only the fae realm is commonly known of or able to be visited. The others are too dangerous, either getting to them or the planes themselves. Demons and angels do exist, but they don’t actually confirm the existence of divine beings, as they know nothing of that. They are rare themselves, only being seen if they want to be seen, and they never answer questions of a metaphysical nature. In fact, if anything, they are more like some kind of rare species from another plane of existence.

This webcomic looks at the troubles and issues that men face with the changes in gender relations, with a focus on women who want to see them improve. But not just that, this comic will have an overarching story, something that is being planned out at this moment, with long term characters, and dramatic stories. In addition, there will be side comics, something special for patrons who wish to put in a little more into the pot. It is a new enterprise from Nephanor with editing of the writing from Mad Cat, a long form adult comic dealing with serious issues in the world created as 3D art. The subject matter is not appropriate for people who aren’t prepared to have their beliefs challenged, and also shows the ugly side of something the world has come to accept as part of the status quo: Feminism.  Why go after Feminism?  Simple, it NEEDS to be criticized.  Claiming that something is beyond criticism is all the more reason to criticize it.

All this being said, the comic is being done to help fund Ambient Dimension, a site for 3D artists to post their work. Ambient Dimension is a place where anyone who creates 3D art can post their work, and people only see what they want to see.  If you don’t agree with the politics, that is fine.  There is room for diversity of opinion, which is sadly lacking these days.  As this comic is adult, it also may delve into themes not appropriate for those under 18, including sexual situation.

If you wish to support the comic, the artist, or just the website itself, all are done through Patreon. Please give generously.