Frequently Asked Questions

Why 3D art?

I have always been a fan of 3D art. Sadly, my skill at most conventional forms of art sucks, and as such, it is the one form of art I am good at, since most of the work has been done already. I do have a fair bit of skill in photography, so I used my skills learned with that to create decent scenes.

How often does the comic update?

That depends on the funding received through Patreon. Here is the funding levels:

  1. $15 a month – Minimum required to keep the comic running
  2. $50 a month – Two pages a month (10th & 25th)
  3. $150 a month – Three pages a month (10th, 20th 28/29/30th)
  4. $300 a month – Once a week (Fridays)
  5. $500 a month – Two a week (Friday for regular comic, Wednesday for naughty)

Why so much money to make more comics?

This comic is my third job, at the moment. I have to spend a lot of time away from other things I do for money creating the comic, and I also others to donate time to edit the text. In order for the comic to become more commonplace, I want to actually give them money for their work. In addition, this comic takes time away from looking for a better paying job.

Why an anti-feminist comic?

This isn’t the first one, and it certainly won’t be the last. Comics like Xenospora and Good Guy Comics are already examining things which could be defined as anti-feminist, and have been around for much longer. The point is to show things that people don’t want to see in a form where they can handle looking at it. It is a way of tackling a tough issue head on, and not attacking people directly.  Anyways, if we can have Thor comics replace the main character with a feminist woman, I think there is room for more anti-feminist comics.  Diversity y’know?

Why do you hate women/feminists?

Let me make this perfectly clear: I DO NOT HATE ALL FEMINISTS OR ALL WOMEN. This is not the first time I have said this, and it probably won’t be the last. Let’s look at two distinctions. The first one is that feminism is not women. Women are not feminism. Not all feminists are women, as we have seen, and not all women are feminists. As such, hating feminism is not hating women. Feminism is a ideological movement, it is something chosen. Being a woman is not chosen, as such, I don’t blame all women for feminism. I blame feminists for feminism. As such, I cannot hate women for something not all women do. The second distinction is that feminism is not feminists. Feminism, the ideological movement, may contain feminists, and it also very likely contains a large number of opportunists who don’t care about the movement or women. The thing is, I judge individual feminists based on what their actions. If the do good things, for men and women, I have no problem with them. If they spread lies, fear, hatred and strife, I do not like them. But I judge each of them individually. The movement, Feminism, I also judge on it’s actions. It’s actions are less than noble. The comic will explore much of that as time goes on.

Are you against equality?

Not at all!  In fact, I am very much in favour of equality of opportunity.  Everyone deserves the same chance to succeed or fail in life.  I am a firm supporter of an egalitarian meritocracy.  Those who have the skills, the drive, the desire should be free to make it as far as they want without being stopped because some company has to fill a quota of a certain group of people.  I also see that in many areas men have LESS equality than women.  They have fewer legal protections, they have fewer legal rights, and two main rights they lack in the western world are right to bodily autonomy and right to not be obligated to be a parent just because they had sex.  Both of those rights women in the western world have and men lack.  And that’s not all, others will be talked about in the comic.

Why are you against feminism?

Despite claims that feminism is fighting for equality, and is for men too, all I see is feminist organizations, the capital F Feminism, working AGAINST equal rights for men, promoting special treatment for women, and special protections for women.  That isn’t equality.  And if that’s not YOUR feminism, maybe you should ask yourself: If the mainstream Feminist organizations are not fighting for equality, how is supporting them by calling yourself a feminist anything but a silent approval of what they are doing?  It may sound good to say that you are working to correct feminism, but unless you have power and money within the movement, that is just a hollow claim, you can’t change the coarse of an avalanche by standing in front of it.

Where do you get the stories from?

Many of the stories are based on real world stories, if not most. The characters are obviously changed, and the situations are resolved in entirely different ways most times, but the actual stories are pretty much ripped from the headlines of the real world. I will try and link the inspiration story when a new plot begins.

Can I submit story ideas?

Absolutely! Use the contact links at the top (twitter, tumblr, deviantArt, etc.) to contact me, and we can get things going.  If you wish to send hate mail, please email that here.