Danae Galavir

Primary Motivator Discovery Sense of Humor British
Emotional Disposition Calm Sexuality
Moodiness Volatile Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Outlook Upbeat Sexual Expressiveness Modest
Integrity Responsible Sexual Expressive Style Seductive
Impulsiveness Controlled Openness to sexual experience Adventurous
Boldness Timid Promiscuousness Low
Flexibility Tolerant Religion & Spirituality
Affinity Empathic Adherence Agnostic
Comportment Humorous Tolerance Inclusive
Interactivity Entertaining Expression of beliefs None
Disclosure Mysterious Converting others Never
Conformity Exotic Attitude Ecstatic
Topics of Conversation Video Games, Comics, Role-playing
Quirks, Habits, & Oddities Caffeine Drinking (Soft drinks), Exhibitionism
Hobbies & Enjoyments Games, Cards, Computers

Danae was always a playful and friendly elf, someone who enjoys being out there with people, and is a bit of a geek. Besides being a very skilled network technician, hacker, and all around lover of nerd culture, she is also a novice mage. Recently she got a job with a prestigious law firm, keeping their network up and running, as well as keeping it safe from hackers. She also loves going to conventions and cosplays a lot when she does, and a long time tabletop and computer gamer.

Being an avid geek, she tends to spend a lot of time on her own, despite being slightly extroverted as she is. She tries to get out and involved with as many geek activities as she can. At her work, she tends to hang out with the guys, telling dirty jokes, quoting movies, and generally being kind of goofy, always being a bit of the class clown in most things she does. For some reason, she also seems to have an almost magical natural affect on people, seeming to be perfectly sexy to them. This does confuse her a bit, but she is learning to deal with it.

No one knows her preference of sexuality, as she seems quite comfortable with both men and women, and is slightly flirty with both. She never really speaks about her relationship life at work, as she keeps it separate from her daily life.

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