Kaytlin O'Shae

Primary Motivator Education Sense of Humor Pranks
Emotional Disposition Curious Sexuality
Moodiness Stable Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Outlook Idealistic Sexual Expressiveness Modest
Integrity Honest Sexual Expressive Style Seductive
Impulsiveness Hyperactive Openness to sexual experience Adventurous
Boldness Cautious Promiscuousness High
Flexibility Adaptable Religion & Spirituality – Christian
Affinity Supportive Adherence Casual
Comportment Courteous Tolerance Tolerant
Interactivity Touchy Expression of beliefs Occasional
Disclosure Open Book Converting others Never
Conformity Free Thinking Attitude Ecstatic
Topics of Conversation Ireland, Sports, Food
Quirks, Habits, & Oddities Snacking, Can’t Stand Still
Hobbies & Enjoyments Eating, Horse Riding, Sports

An elf from Ireland, born and raised, she fully embraces her heritage and her fae bloodline. She even has a tendency to play it up, using her thick Irish accent and making leprechaun jokes. She even likes to wear gold colors and make suggestive comments with double entendres to tease people. Despite all her joking, she is fiercely protective of her home, and insulting it will bring her full ire. She is the fitness advisor at The Devil’s Contract and always makes sure that all employees are in good shape, even interrupting them on the phone to steal their chairs to force them to stand up. She doesn’t just do underhanded things like this, and will also motivate them in any way she can.  She also is known as quite a snacker, always munching on something.  Her high metabolism makes this a must.

Always moving around the office, she also tries to recruit people for morning calisthenics or after work sporting events. She will accept if someone gives a good reason for not joining, but if she feels she is just being casually dismissed, will continue to push at a later time until she gets them involved or gets a good reason. She also heads the social committee, and will always be the first person to lend moral support to those who need it.

She isn’t above using her body to get people to be motivated and exercise more. The rumour around the company is that she will sleep with anyone who expresses an interest in it for a good workout, but no one seems to mind as she is probably the most respected and liked employee there.

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