Malolin Baenafin

Primary Motivator Creation Sense of Humor Dry
Emotional Disposition Contemptuous Sexuality
Moodiness Volatile Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Outlook Hopeful Sexual Expressiveness Open
Integrity Manipulative Sexual Expressive Style Romantic
Impulsiveness Focussed Openness to sexual experience Narrow
Boldness Timid Promiscuousness High
Flexibility Tolerant Religion & Spirituality
Affinity Nurturing Adherence Atheist
Comportment Arrogant Tolerance Inclusive
Interactivity Listening Expression of beliefs Never
Disclosure Frank Converting others Never
Conformity Shocking Attitude Humble
Topics of Conversation Sex, Medicine, Feelings
Quirks, Habits, & Oddities Hair Stroking, Repeating Others
Hobbies & Enjoyments Writing, Knitting, Research

The youngest child of a family which was involved in crime, her uncle, who wasn’t actually part of the family business, set up a trust fund for her, to ensure that she could get out the problems her parents were causing.  She was left alone most of her youth, and picked up a strange habit of asking for different wools, soon learning to use it to pick up knitting at a very early age to keep herself occupied while her parents were involved in their activities.  They were soon arrested and she was emancipated, and decided to take up her uncle’s money and learn to be a medical doctor.  While studying she met the Succuboss who offered her a job if she would go back and get a PhD in psychiatry as well.  Quickly taking her up on the offer, she went back to school and got the second degree, having a double doctorate.

Quite the friendly and caring woman, she is always looking to help people feel better, both physically and emotionally.  She always wants to listen and be sure that she understands people and as such has a tendency of repeating what people say, to be sure she gets things right.  Always looking into new techniques of help and health, she is very concerned about how men’s mental health has been declining over the years, and will take time volunteering at the local suicide prevention line to help those truly desperate men.

Known for being quite the sexual lady, she is very open about talking about sex, and how it can help your emotional health as well as physical healthy.  Along with Kaytlin, they have helped pretty much anyone who needs it, in any way they can.

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