Shetae Zesack

Primary Motivator Acquisition Sense of Humor Pranks
Emotional Disposition Calm Sexuality
Moodiness Volatile Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Outlook Upbeat Sexual Expressiveness Flirtateous
Integrity Lazy Sexual Expressive Style Seductive
Impulsiveness Flighty Openness to sexual experience Lower Moderate
Boldness Paranoia Promiscuousness Medium
Flexibility Forgiving Religion & Spirituality
Affinity Needy Adherence Agnostic
Comportment Humorous Tolerance Tolerant
Interactivity Talkative Expression of beliefs Casual
Disclosure Closed Converting others Casual
Conformity Formal Attitude Humble
Topics of Conversation Fashion, Video Games, Art
Quirks, Habits, & Oddities Gum Chewing, Singing
Hobbies & Enjoyments Guitar, Gambling, Singing

The daughter of a dragon and an elf, she has an identical twin sister who has a similar attitude and traits of her sister.  Her elven father was left the pair of them when her mother abandoned them with him.  As a technician, he was always busy at work, and came home tired most of the time, but always made time for his daughters.  To try and impress her father, the two of them learned to play instruments, Shetae picking up guitar, and her sister the drums.  He called them his little rocker girls, and encouraged them to do whatever they wanted.  The two of them both went to college, and they both fell in with the feminist crowd, taking gender studies and going to a feminist rally.  There, Shetae saw a man being killed by the mob and realized her mistake in following this line of thinking.  Her sister, however, never saw the death, and still believes that she is doing the right thing.  This caused the sisters to have a rift, and they haven’t spoken to each other since.

Despite the sadness she feels for the loss of the relationship with her sister, she still keeps herself upbeat.  The dragon heritage, however, shows, as she isn’t exactly the most motivated and giving person, having a bit of a hoarding and lazy attitude.  This has caused her to pretty much only be able to work as a receptionist, even though she has a good amount of education and skill.  She also is known for her video gaming prowess, chatting with Danae about this a lot when she heads by the front desk.  Being the tallest lady of the office, coming in at almost seven feet from her dragon heritage, she also acts as a deterrent for unwanted visitors.

She is also known to be very flirty and sexual with pretty much anyone she finds attractive, which seems to be almost everyone.  There has been more than once that the gum that she was chewing ends up in someone else’s mouth by the end of the day.

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