Tsarra Elarren
Tsarra Elarren

Primary Motivator Understanding Sense of Humor Crude
Emotional Disposition Anxious Sexuality
Moodiness Even-tempered Sexual Orientation Heterosexual (Bi-curious)
CORE TRAITS Libido Healthy
Outlook Cynical Sexual Expressiveness Flirty
Integrity Meticulous Sexual Expressive Style Crude
Impulsiveness Deliberate Openness to sexual experience Moderate
Boldness Daring Promiscuousness Medium
Flexibility Relentless Religion & Spirituality – Pagan
Affinity Supportive Adherence Casual
Comportment Modest Tolerance Tolarant
Interactivity Touchy Expression of beliefs Occasional
Disclosure Mysterious Converting others Never
Conformity Exotic Attitude Humble
Topics of Conversation Art, Current Events, Gossip
Quirks, Habits, & Oddities Eavesdropping, Foot tapping
Hobbies & Enjoyments Writing, Cards, Glass art

Raised by her father and grandfather, she knew only a male influence in her life.  Her dad’s job as a custodian kept him very busy with long hours to ensure that his little girl had the best education she could have.  Her grandfather taught her his trade, decorative glassmaking, which she used to help supplement the family income, and save up for her education.  Very early on, she saved her dad’s life from a fire, and became quite well known for it.  She was noticed because of this by Succuboss, who did what she could to help the young lady and her family to ensure that they were taken care of.  She decided to go to law school to thank her patron, and earned a job at her firm.

She is known for being the office gossip, listening in to whatever she can, and spreading as much of the dirt as she can.  Despite this, she does not spread anything that would harm anyone, mostly using it to celebrate people’s successes and to ensure that those who need help get it from as many people as possible.  She also is known for how much she likes to grasp people’s hands when she talks to them.  She also is quite happy to help anyone she can, even though she realizes that sometimes it feels a little hopeless.

She doesn’t seem to have much interest beyond men, but she has whispered that she finds some of the ladies around the office interesting enough to possibly share a man with them.  She is quite open about her advances and is open in her flirting with men.

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