Primary Motivator Liberation Sense of Humor Pranks
Emotional Disposition Joyful Sexuality
Moodiness Even Tempered Sexual Orientation Bisexual
CORE TRAITS Libido Healthy
Outlook Trusting Sexual Expressiveness Brazen
Integrity Industrious Sexual Expressive Style Seductive
Impulsiveness Thoughtful Openness to sexual experience Narrow
Boldness Paranoid Promiscuousness Low
Flexibility Nonchalant Religion & Spirituality
Affinity Self Absorbed Adherence Agnostic
Comportment Gruff Tolerance Tolerant
Interactivity Gestural Expression of beliefs Occasional
Disclosure Unreserved Converting others Never
Conformity Free Thinking Attitude Irreverent
Topics of Conversation Politics, Books, Movies
Quirks, Habits, & Oddities Pacing, Collects Silver Trinkets
Hobbies & Enjoyments Research, Martial Arts, Fortune Telling

This beauty didn’t seem to exist in the system, as her mother had her at a rock concert, and just abandoned her, not registering her birth at all.  She grew up on the street and was soon taken in my a spiteful feminist woman who taught her fight, instilling her the belief that men were all to blame for her problems.  She was forced to get a job at a young age, and ended up being a barista at a local coffee shop.  Getting into the feminist crowd, she attended a demonstration by her group which ended up with one man being murdered by the mob of women.  At that point, she backed out of her feminist groups, even becoming terrified to be in any large group of people.  Shortly after that, she lost her job when the manager of the shop had to close up after a false allegation of sexual misconduct against another employee.  At that time, she met the Succuboss, who helped her get a better education.

She wants to believe that things can change, and does whatever she can to help, constantly researching new ways to help those who have been hurt by those she used to call her friends.  You will usually find her with something silver on her or around her.  She will usually paint her nails as silver and even found silver lipstick which she likes to wear, embracing her nickname as the silver elf.  She also likes to read the horoscopes and is quite amused by different types of fortune telling.  She is a little bit of a geek herself, enjoying playing tabletop games and can be often found chatting about this kind of thing with Danae.

She has a tendency to be very blunt when she is attracted to someone, letting them know directly how she feels.  She hasn’t really shown herself to have any preference to her partners, and doesn’t get into much of this kind of thing in the workplace environment.

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