Megan Callahan

Primary Motivator Beneficence Sense of Humor Gleeful
Emotional Disposition Joyful Sexuality
Moodiness Even Tempered Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Outlook Confident Sexual Expressiveness Bazen
Integrity Honest Sexual Expressive Style Seductive
Impulsiveness Flighty Openness to sexual experience Adventurous
Boldness Cautious Promiscuousness High
Flexibility Forgiving Religion & Spirituality
Affinity Supportive Adherence Atheist
Comportment Charming Tolerance Inclusive
Interactivity Listener Expression of beliefs Never
Disclosure Evasive Converting others Never
Conformity Exotic Attitude Humble
Topics of Conversation Games, Nature, Others (she loves to hear about the people she is talking to)
Quirks, Habits, & Oddities Excessive Touching, Needless Apologizing
Hobbies & Enjoyments Cooking, Singing, Calligraphy

A fae from the realm of the fae folk who decided to walk amongst the mortals, Megan found that she didn’t want to leave after enough time. She is a skilled bookkeeper for The Devil’s Contract, always making sure funds are available for all the needs. Preferring to just be an employee, despite her natural skill at leadership, she just rolls with things as they come along, keeping a smile on her face and trying to make every moment in life fun. She likes to make everyone around her feel at ease and is considered the unofficial morale officer of the law firm where she works.

She is not aligned with either the light or dark fae, being linked with the death of a high priest of the dark fae realm at the time of her birth. Her mother tried to kill her not long after birth, but was not jailed for the attempted infanticide, and her father took her to the mortal realms to be safe, when she decided to stay there. While travelling on a vacation after she finished her schooling, she helped an injured Succuboss after she was attacked by a group of irate women, and soon joined her at the law firm.

She enjoys the company of anyone, male, female, even other species, and will be passionate with any of them. Like most fae, however, she is flighty and will not form long term relationships beyond friendships. However, she is more than happy to give those friends all sorts of interesting benefits.

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