Osonia Zhang

Primary Motivator Order Sense of Humor Jokey
Emotional Disposition Curious Sexuality
Moodiness Stable Sexual Orientation Bisexual
CORE TRAITS Libido Healthy
Outlook Trusting Sexual Expressiveness Modest
Integrity Pragmatic Sexual Expressive Style Seductive
Impulsiveness Thoughtful Openness to sexual experience Adventurous
Boldness Vigilant Promiscuousness Medium
Flexibility Nonchalant Religion & Spirituality – Bhuddist
Affinity Altruistic Adherence Orthodox
Comportment Cultured Tolerance Indifferent
Interactivity Taciturn Expression of beliefs Constant
Disclosure Evasive Converting others Casual
Conformity Orthodox Attitude Fearful
Topics of Conversation Cats, Cinema, Politics
Quirks, Habits, & Oddities Coin Flipping, Lip licking
Hobbies & Enjoyments Gardening(Bonsai), Origami, Music Appreciation

Growing up with just her older brother being the head of the household after her mother died in childbirth, her father was convicted of the murder of her mother, despite all evidence showing that it was malpractice by the female doctor who let her mother die.  She was always treated well by everyone who met her, for some reason always finding that people preferred to deal with her than her brother.  After a few years, her brother got enough money to move them both to their father’s home, North America.  Still quite proud of her Japanese heritage, she continued to display her Japanese lineage.  Soon after moving, she came upon a feminist rally, and saw a man being murdered by the mob.  This event caused her to want to go to law school to try and help bring about more order to stop this kind of violence.

She is always willing to believe the best of people, and try and help those who want to become better.  She is a huge fan of everything cats, and will gladly watch any cute cat video she finds, as well as having quite a few lolcat posters on her wall in her office.  She also enjoys any martial art movie, and picked up a strange habit of flipping an old Japanese coin she found in an antique shop, even learning to juggle it on her fingers.  She has even used it to distract people when working with others to negotiate a contract.

Not very open about her tastes, she doesn’t show any obvious preference to partners, being quite modest about it.  She is also known for leaving her flirtations in her gifts of origami figures.

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